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Power Transmission Devices
Power Transmission Devices

An automobile transmission is an intermediary device for transmitting the rotary energy of the engine at a suitable rotation speed, to the differential and from there to the driving wheels. Typically, engines operate over a range of 600 to about 6000 revolutions per minute, while the car's wheels rotate at anything from 0 rpm to about 2500 rpm. And, the engine provides its highest torque outputs approximately in the middle of its range, while the greatest torque is required when the vehicle is moving from rest or travelling slowly. Transmission system transforms the engine's output and supply high torque at low speeds, and also operates at highway speeds with the motor still operating within its limit.

Manual transmission is an entirely mechanical gearing system, and the automatic transmission uses hydraulics as well as mechanical gearing, and partially automates the gear selection process.

A power transmission device for transmitting electric power optically to remote locations is described. The device includes a laser for generating a laser light beam and a optical glass monofilament having a glass core and a outer cladding layer designed to convey the light beams directed into one end of said monofilament to the other and thereof. Means are provided for directing the laser beam into the receiving end for the monofilament at a predetermined angle which causes the light beam to exit from the other end of the monofilament at the same predetermined angle in a conical annulus of light. A conical reflector is disposed within the conical annulus of light exiting from the exit end of the fiber optical monofilament and has surfaces that intercepts the light beams within the conical annulus and reflects them along a different path. Disposed around the conical reflector is a plurality of photovoltaic cells in a position to intercept the reflected light beams and to convert the light beams to electric current. The photovoltaic cells are connected in series to increase the amount of voltage produced by the transmission device.

The present invention provides a power transmission device for a hybrid vehicle which provides an effect of reducing engine vibration, facilitates engine clutch control, and has a package type layout enabling mass production. For this, the preset invention provides a power transmission device for a hybrid vehicle, in which an automatic transmission having an input shaft, a motor, a torsion damper, and an engine having an output shaft connected to a crank shaft of the engine are arranged in a row, the power transmission device including: a motor support shaft, the outer end of which is supported by a motor rotor and the inner end of which extends toward the boundary between the output shaft of the engine and the input shaft of the automatic transmission.

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Power Transmission Devices, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters