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Engine Fluid Exchanger
Engine Fluid Exchanger

Field of invention

The present invention relates to an improved method and apparatus for simultaneously exchanging automotive fluids.


In order to keep an automobile running well it is necessary to perform maintenance, particularly changing the fluids which provide cleansing and lubrication traditionally, to change any of these fluids it was necessary to either have the car lifted off the ground or climb underneath the car in order to reach the engine the fluid could be drained into a suitable receptacle and the engine compartment could be resealed. New fluid would be manually poured into the appropriate engine compartment.

The above-described process of changing automotive fluids may be feasible, but it is also time consuming, messy and with certain environmental regulations, possibly illegal. Furthermore, many people do not have the tools or skill necessary to climb under a car and know which drain plugs to pull.

Modern techniques describe more sophisticated fluid changing systems than the traditional ones, the amount of time necessary to properly change the fluids has not been significantly decreased since the old fluid first needs to be removed before the new fluid is put into the car. Furthermore, some modern technologies are too complicated for a layman to use.


The principal objective of modern inventions is to provide an automotive fluid exchange system which permits the simultaneous removal of old fluid and replacement with new fluid.

It is a further object of the modern invention to provide fluid exchange system which is easy and ecologically safe to operate.

It is an additional object of the modern invention to provide fluid exchange system which is inexpensive to manufacture


The present automotive fluid changing device comprises of a fresh fluid delivery conduit, a used fluid drainage conduit and two pumps. Each of the conduits contains two ends which extend in fluid communication between a fluid receptacle and the particular engine .The first end of one of used fluid drainage conduit is intended to be positioned near the bottom of the engine. The second end of that conduit is positioned within an empty receptacle for the obvious purpose of collecting the used fluid.First end of the fluid delivery conduit is positioned within the particular engine compartment at a distance slightly above the meniscus of the fluid when the compartment is full. The second end of this conduit is positioned near the bottom of a receptacle which is holding new fluid, thus permitting the maximum amount of new fluid to be automatically taken from the receptacle.

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Engine Fluid Exchanger, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters