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An organic compound called as protein which brings out the catalyst thus known for increasing and decreasing rates of chemical reactions is very popularly known as enzymes. These enzymes work lowering the activation energy and hence for a reaction it thus decreases the rate of the reaction. Enzyme activity can largely be affected by the molecules which thus can decrease the enzyme activity. The enzyme reaction rates are faster and thus reach the equilibrium rate faster or in a rapid state. The tight control of the enzymes is very much essential for homeostasis which is any malfunction of any of the particular enzyme can lead to genetic diseases.

The most common example is phenylketonuria which is very commonly known as pku which causes metabolic genetic diseases. These enzymes are very used in industries for different purposes which includes in food processing industry and enzymes are largely used are fungi from the plants. Biscuit manufacturing companies use these enzymes thus to lower the protein level of the flavor. The applications of the enzymes are also used in baby food industry, fruit juices industry, dairy industry and starch industry. In biological term a product which is manufactured by an enzyme from its substrate are popularly known as lactose and glucose.

The important benefits of using enzymes are they can be easily removed and also can be packed into the columns. These enzymes can be used for the longer period of time. Thus in medical terminology these enzymes are used as anti bacterial agents, blood cleanser. The types of enzymes are metabolic enzymes, digestive enzymes and food enzymes. Metabolic enzymes are responsible for running of the level of the blood, tissues and organs. Digestive enzymes aid in the digestion of food, absorption and the delivery of the nutrients throughout the body. Food enzymes are largely used in fruits, vegetables and supplemental source. These enzymes enable the food to break into constituents like proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals etc.

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Enzymes, Food Enzymes, Vitamins, Minerals, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters