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Celery Seed Oil
Celery Seed Oil

Celery has been a popularly known vegetable throughout europe and the extract of celery, celery seed oil, has been recommended in chinese herbal medicine as a remedy for hypertension and 'cleansing' of the blood. Distilled oil of celery appears to have come into use during the middle of the 16th century. Celery seed is the dried ripe fruit of the umbelliferous herb, with conspicuously jointed stems bearing well-developed leaves on long expanded petioles. The rigid fruit is small, contains a small seed, united or separated, pericarp-some with stalk ends, brown in color and somewhat bitter in taste. The pericarp is intercepted with oil ducts. It is widely used as a spice.

The celery seeds also yield 17 % of fatty oil, `celery seed oil`. This is used as an anti-spasmodic and nerve stimulant. It has been successfully employed in rheumatoid arthritis and probably acts as an intestinal antiseptic. The commercial use of celery seed oil is as a fixative, as an important ingredient in perfumes, in medicine and in flavoring of different types of foods, such as meats, sausages, canned soups, sauces, celery tonics and medicinal preparations. Industrially, celery seed oil is used a flavouring agent in food industries. Celery seed oil has sedative effects and its use decreases co-ordination and reflex time (i.E. Motor control). The oil also acts to decrease the risk of seizures (convulsions). Celery seed oil or oil of celery is thus utilized in a variety of industries - food industrial, medicine industry, industrial applications, homeopathy, etc.

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Celery Seed Oil, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters