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Margarine Oil
Margarine Oil

Margarine oil, as a generic term, can indicate any of a wide range of butter substitutes. In many parts of the world, margarine oil has become the best-selling table spread, although butter and olive oil also command large market shares. Margarine is an ingredient in the preparation of many other foods. For various groups of bakery products like cakes and cream a different margarine is available and similarly for puffs and breads there is a different type. Hippolyte mege-mouries, a french chemist, developed margarine in 1869. He received a u.S. Patent in 1873. Napoleon iii had offered a prize for a butter substitute for his army and navy, because butter spoiled easily.

Mege-mouries' margarine used mainly beef fat. Later formulations used a combination of animal fats and vegetable oils. Modern margarine oil can be made from any of a wide variety of animal or vegetable fats, and is often mixed with skimmed milk, salt, and emulsifiers. Margarine made from vegetable oils is especially important in today's market, as it provides a vegan and pareve substitute for butter. Nearly all margarine is salted, which makes shortening (which contains no salt) a better choice for baking.

Margarine oil is not only low in fat content compared to any other bakery fat and vanaspati oil, but also makes the end product crispier and flakier and even increases the volume of production when uses. Further it is far more economic than other fats. Margarine oil is, therefore, widely used in the bakery and confectionery industry.

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Margarine Oil, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters