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Soft Drinks
Soft Drinks

Today most of the people opt for soft drinks as because soft drink craze has driven them from drinking other drinks which are neither aerated nor are they carbonated. Non aerated drinks include juices, shakes, energy drinks etc which are made from pure milk or fruits. Soft drinks in india have large varieties and two of the famous brands are coca cola and pepsi which have been in the long run for while. The famous incident of coca cola having pesticides in the water which it uses for manufacturing the product triggered the minds of the people and thus people opted for pepsi. Soft drinks have been tagged as aerated drinks which are said to have effects on our health.

The types of soft drinks are flavored water, seltzers, sweet iced tea and fruit drinks. Which do not contain any amount of soda and also which are extracted from the real and pure fruits. Soft drinks are said to have health effects as too much of consumption may result or may damage our teeth. As coca cola contains black color which may dilute our teeth with the chemical reaction. It can cause to dental disorders and nutritional imbalances which can make harm the life of the person. Soft drinks contain high amount of sugar which can lead to diabetes also. Consuming of high amount of sugar through these soft drinks can be dangerous and risky sometimes.

The main concern for the people would come when they would be prone to disease like heart disease as too much of consumption might lead to cardio diseases as well. Famous brands of soft drinks are pepsi, cocoa cola, 7up, sprite, mirinda, fanta, limca etc which are aerated but other drinks like mango frooti, maaza , slice and appefizz are non aerated drinks. These soft drinks are very much utilized during occasions like summer, diwali as in festivals etc. Earlier soft drinks were available in glass bottles only but today soft drinks are available in plastic bottles, cans, and glass bottles. Now day's soft drinks are even promoted through various events like cricket matches where the sponsors are pepsi and coke. Even celebrities and cricketers endorse these soft drinks.

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Soft Drinks, Non Aerated Drinks, Aerated Drinks, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters