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Drinks, soft drinks often are very much like by people. People who go for clubbing and high grade parties often drink there. Thus drinks and soft drinks include soda which makes the drink more concentrated. Soda comes in the form of carbonated water which is thus referred as sparking water which makes the drink aerated. It is not alcoholic as it is to be poured in soft drinks only. In clubs and parties soda pals an important role. A glass of cola always has soda included in it. Without soda soft drinks are incomplete. Thus it plays an important role in food processing industry.

The types of soda are caustic and baking soda. Baking soda is very commonly used for cooking and helps to raise the mixture or the dough without using any other ingredient. The scientific term for soda is known as sodium bicarbonate. It is called as chemical salt and is used for many other purposes as well. It is very much used in baking food items like cakes etc. Bakery items are prepared using this soda. The other term for this types of soda is washing soda and cooking soda. This soda breaks the proteins and neutralizes the acids. It is also used for decreasing the acidity by putting a pinch of the soda in the tomato or in the coffee. The other form of the soda is also called as soda water which is very commonly known as club soda or sparkling water.

The other type of soda is caustic soda which is used in the chemical industry and the scientific term used is known as sodium hydroxide. It causes the violent reactions and is used as drain cleaner where it is very much essential. Caustic soda is largely used in soaps, detergents and in the textile industries. It comes in the form of granules when it is in the form of solid state. It is also widely used in paper and pulp manufacturing industry. The flakes which are procured are no toxic and are not harmful.

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Soda, Causitc Soda, Baking Soda, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters