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Dry Fish
Dry Fish

Fish one of the important living things for the aquatic region and also the world of aqua for them. The combination of water and fish thus talks or signify a different story altogether. Fish considered as a rich source of vitamin e thus is very much nutritional for our health. Fish comes in the category of poultry and thus is staple diet of the people who reside near sea shore. Often people like to taste and eat various types of fishes which are available in the market. Some of the famous types of fishes are bombay duck, pomfret, prawns, rawas etc. There also some fishes which are categorized as fresh water fish, marine fish and tropical fish.

Dry fish is another important aspect in the category of fish as because this fish removed from the water and is then dried. It is described as type of fish which has a very strong odor within the hours of capture and also which is salted for about two to three days and then are dried. The rich fishy flavor thus makes the person purchase this dry fish and thus cook it and then eat it. The types of fish which are commonly dried and salted are haddock, cod and herring. Today larger fish processing companies have their own fish fleets and very much independent fisheries.

The fish is prepared as soon as it is captured and then these fishes are hung on the flakes as these flakes are subjected to vacuum packaging or modifying the atmosphere around the fish. After the fishes are hung up the fishes are given for the maturing level at indoors in the dry and airy atmosphere. Drying of fish includes processing of fish oil which helps to regulate the cholesterol in the body. Fish meal is very much popular and very famous which is made from the whole fish and bones or offal of the processed fish.

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Dry Fish, Fish, Vitamin E, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters