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Marine Sea Food
Marine Sea Food

Seafood mainly consists of varieties and types of fishes which people eat and enjoy their taste. India has always been a land of fishes and seafood with varieties of seafood available in the coastal waters of the country. Indian seafood is very much appreciated by the western countries as it serves the spicy food which everybody would like. The literal meaning of the seafood describes any species of fish which is eaten by human. Seafood includes sea water animals which are fishes, shellfish etc variety of fishes available worldwide.

The types of seafood's are tuna, cod, eel and catfish. As studied earlier that fish is highly perishable product so it has to be eaten promptly or should be discarded. Fresh fishes are always seen filleted and are displayed on the bed which has either crushed ice or is very much refrigerated. Fresh water fishes are always found near water bodies. The oldest technique which is still used is drying and salting. Some of the fishes like salmon and tuna are packed, cooked and canned. The benefits of seafood are for curing diseases on heart, it helps the brain to work functionally and properly. It also has joint benefits which reduces the joint pains.

The other types of seafood's are bas which is a type of cat fish and is very much important in the international market. The other types are bass which is different species of popular game fish. Brill is another type of fish which is known as flat fish. These fishes are found in deeper offshore waters. The other types include aquarium catfish which stick outwards and which can also inflict severe wounds. The other ones are stingray skins which are used for thickening soups and also enhance the flavor of the chinese soups. Octopus raw another type which is widely used in japanese and asian cuisines.

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Marine Sea Food, Seafood, Marine Food, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters