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Meat Poultry Food
Meat Poultry Food

Nutritional food is highly essential for a healthy physical structure. These foods can be obtained from meat and poultry. Meat and poultry are the edible muscle, fat, and organs of animals. Meat comes from grass eating animals and amphibians. Poultry are the meat from birds like chickens, ducks etc. Due to their high protein content they are taken as food. The livestock scenario for buffaloes is a 53 % and 15% cattle of total world livestock. The regions with maximum livestock population in india are rajasthan, jammu, kashmir, uttar pradesh, gujarat, and hilly regions of north and eastern himalayas.

Animals that are generally used for production of meat are cattle, buffaloes, sheep and goat, pigs and poultry. Methum is also slaughtered for meat in north east and sikkim. Rabbit meat is also used as a speciality in kerala and some other states. Meat from chickens, lambs and muttons, buffaloes, cattle etc. Are predominant in india. The major part for meat supply goes to buffaloes and beef in india. The total beef meat and buffalo meat production in india is 2,863,400 in 2000. Eggs are dynamic nutritional food containing enormous protein, carbohydrate and fat. They are consumed boiled or omelets. They are available in various types as chicken eggs, duck eggs, ostrich eggs, quail eggs etc. India ranks fifth in egg production in the world with annual egg production of 1.61 million tonnes. Andhra pradesh counts for maximum egg production. Hyderabad is the city with maximum poultry and hatcheries. The other regions being vishakhapatnam, chittoor, karnataka, tamil nadu, maharashtra, gujarat, madhya pradesh, orissa and north eastern states are the major egg contributors.

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Meat Poultry Food, Nutritional food, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters