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Sauces, Chili Sauces And Ketchup
Sauces, Chili Sauces And Ketchup

Sauces and ketchup thus brings up the taste of any food item as well it enriches up its beauty as well. The delicious delicacy thus needs to be very well garnished for which various types of sauces are used. Ketchup is one food item which is very commonly eaten with bread. Children's very much like ketchups as because it is sweet in taste and thus can be eaten with any of the food item. Usually ketchups are to be had with pizzas, burgers, cutlets, chips, rolls etc. Thus it makes the dish more tasty, delicious and also attractive as kids are very much attracted with the red color of the ketchup. Ketchup is basically a sweet and sour condiment which is made from tomatoes, vinegar and sugar. The combination of ketchup and sandwich is very much appreciated and thus is served largely.

The application of ketchup is thus derived by thickening of the tomato paste with which then the sugar and vinegar are added to make it rich and make it tasty. The other important food item is a sauce which can be used for various purposes and especially is used for making gravies the liquid form of the item. The sauces when are include in the food item gives a base to the dish as it thickens when it is heated and maintains its consistency. Sauces are of various types which are chili sauce, white sauce, wooster sauce, soya sauce, red sauce, tabasco sauce etc. White and red sauces are used for making pasta. White sauce is prepared by using cheese, milk and butter. Red sauce is prepared by using tomato puree, paste etc as one of the main ingredient. Wooster sauce makes use of vinegar and soya sauce as it is generally used of making chicken and fish dishes. Tabasco sauces are made using tabasco pepper which is considered to be very spicy.

Chili sauce one of the famous and popular sauces which are made using chilies, vinegar and bit of coriander which adds a spicy taste to the dish. The types of chili sauce are red chili sauces which are made using red chilies which taste great when used with great dishes like continental, mexican, italian etc.

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Sauces, Chili Sauces And Ketchup, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters