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The process of fermentation of ethanol yielding a key ingredient known as acetic acid is known as vinegar. Vinegar also comes in the diluted as well as concentrated form. Vinegar is prepared by fermentation of various sources which contains carbohydrates and sugars. The sources describes as wine, cider, beer. The most important step is the aeration which is used for fermentation process. The varieties of vinegar are malt, wine, apple cider and fruit.

Malt vinegar is prepared by causing starch in the grain thus to maltose. The maltose is then brewed and then is turned into vinegar. Wine vinegar is made from red or white wine which is used in the european as well as mediterranean countries. It has mellow flavor and thus tends to lower the acidity than that of white or red wine. The apple ciders are very commonly known as cider vinegars which are made from apple must or from cider. Fruit vinegars are made using fruit wines without having any additional flavor apart from these flavors like apple, black currant, quince and tomato.

The very popular and famous vinegar is rice vinegar which is made using rice. In japan people prefer rice vinegar which is made using sushi rice and salad dressings. The color of the rice vinegar is usually red in color. Few of flavored vinegars are blueberries and figs. Herb vinegars are the unique one's which are made using herbs. The key ingredient and very important item in this vinegar is acetic acid which gives an acidic taste and thus leaves the same taste whenever it is eaten with any of the food item. Vinegars are very commonly used in soups and chinese dishes in india other than that it is used for making various other dishes as well. Vinegar which is brewed and thus has an oxidizing effect thus is called as distilled alcohol. Also it is used for cooking purpose like in salads, pickles etc.

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Vinegar, Rice Vinegar, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters