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Food items such as pickles which are very famous and very popular in india adds a different taste altogether when it is served. Pickles one of the unique and very much different for western countries a food item which they have never seen and which is to be found in india thus attracts them and makes them happy with the sour taste of mangoes, lemon, carrot, turmeric which talks about a different story together. Pickles have one main ingredient with which they last for long which is known as preservatives without which they cannot get damaged or destroyed. Food storing is the method of preserving both raw as well as cooked food.

The types of preservatives are natural preservative and artificial preservatives. Natural preservatives includes salt, sugar, vinegar, rosemary extract etc. Salt has been in the long run since the ancient times and has been used as preservative since from ancient times. Sugar is very commonly known as an organic compound which is in the form of carbohydrate and which is used as natural preservative. Vinegar is acidic and is widely used to separate the milk and cream by this method. It is not considered as the harmful as it is prepared by fermenting of sugar and water. Rosemary leaf used as preservative since from long time. It is known for its traditional aroma and flavor.

The other preservatives are chemical preservatives which are wood preservatives which prevent wood from getting attacked by fungi or insects. The use of turpentine is made on the wooden articles as the solution prevents wood from getting rust and attacked by white ants. These preservatives are very much superior in quality and are eco friendly. These preservatives are accurately formulated and thus comply to meet various standards. The other preservatives are benzoic acids which are used for the preservation of food. Another one is sodium benzoate which is very much utilized in the pharmaceutical industry which is available in the form of powder, granules and flakes.

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Preservative, Natural Preservative, Artificial Preservative, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters