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Milk Derivatives
Milk Derivatives

Milk derivatives are products often formed from milk. The entire range of milk derivative includes cream, butter, khoa, cheese, curds, whey, yoghurt, ice cream etc. Cream is a milk derivative higher fat layer skimmed from raw milk before homogenization. They are widely used in food and industrial applications. They are sold in several grades depending on fat content. Ice cream is made with milk and cream and flavorings, frozen while stirring to limit the size of the ice crystals. Premium ice creams usually contain more milk fat. Cheese is formed from curdled milk of various animals, most frequently cows. They are widely used as foodstuff. The most common use is on cheeseburgers.

The natural cheese contains emulsifying salts to stabilize the product. Butter has been used as a food item, cosmetic and at the same time as medicine. This is a milk derivative made by churning fresh cream. It consists of emulsion of water and milk proteins in a matrix of fat with over 80% fat. It is used as a condiment and for cooking as vegetable oil or lard. Ricotta from cow's milk is seldom used in confectionery. It is often used in dough and is the main ingredient in some sweet. Nutritionally, yogurt is rich in protein and essential minerals, and low in fat. It is often available in sweetened and flavored, or with added fruit on the bottom, to offset its natural sourness. Lassi is refreshing yogurt based beverage come in two varieties, salty and sweet. Salty lassi usually flavoured with ground roasted cumin and chilli peppers and the sweet with rosewater or lemon, mango or other fruit juice.

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Milk Derivatives, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, Indian, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters