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Air Conditioning Grilles
Air Conditioning Grilles

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The air-conditioning grille comprises an inner case having an opening through which the wind blows out located in a wind blowing duct. In the duct, provided are plural wind deflecting plates which are bendable so as to make both the ends thereof extend substantially crossing the blowing direction. In the duct provided is a connecting member which connects the upstream ends of the wind deflecting plates together and restricts rotations of these connecting portions relative to each other. Also provided is an operation member to be operated to bend the wind deflecting plates. One transfer shaft is provided to transfer an operational force of the operation member, at the time of its operation, to the connecting member. In order to prevent the connecting member from rotating itself about the transfer shaft with operation of the operation member, rotation moments of the connecting member about the transfer shaft substantially cancel one another.

An air-conditioning grille comprising: an air duct casing for passing air there through, said air duct casing having upstream and downstream ends; a plurality of deflecting plates each having upstream and downstream ends, and an elastically deformable flexible portion between said upstream and downstream ends, said downstream end of each said deflecting plate being supported by said air duct casing; a connecting member disposed within said air duct casing for connecting said upstream ends of said deflecting plates together; moving means rotatably coupled to said air duct casing, said moving means being operable coupled to said deflecting plates for bending said flexible portion of each said deflecting plate in response to movements of said moving means; a single transfer shaft for coupling said connecting member to said moving means; and wherein rotation moments about said transfer shaft that are generated by said deflecting plates substantially cancel one another. In the air- conditioning grille, plural bendable wind direction adjusting plates are supported in the main body case. An extension plate is provided at an upstream edge of each of the wind direction adjusting plates, and coupling plates for connecting said extension plates to the wind direction adjusting plates are also provided. Moving means is provided to move said extension plates and coupling plates along a circular locus, and said locus has a shorter radius of curvature than a span between both edges of the wind direction adjusting plate while the wind direction adjusting plates are in a natural state.

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Air Conditioning Grilles, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters