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Agvs Pallet Trucks
Agvs Pallet Trucks

Automated guided pallet trucks are used to move palletized loads along predetermined routes. Agvs pallet truck is used generally in distribution functions. For the product delivery, the vehicles normally proceed down the path to specific destinations in storage areas, pull off onto a spur, lower their pallet forks to the floor and pull out from under the pallets, then automatically return empty to the loading areas. This material handling heavy machinery can be loaded in two ways, either they are capable of automatically reversing into pallets on the floor or operators manually board the vehicles and back them into pallets. In this typical application the system is backed into the load pallet by a human worker who steers the truck and uses its forks to elevate the load slightly. Then the worker drives the pallet truck to the guidepath, programs its destination, and the vehicle proceeds automatically to the destination of unloading. Manually loading the vehicle gives operators flexibility to position loads anywhere off the path and still be able to retrieve them with the vehicles, which then automatically proceed with out operators into the warehouse drop locations. A more recent introduction to the pallet truck is the forklift agv i.E. Pallet lift truck. This automated material handling vehicle can achieve significant vertical movement of its forks to reach loads on the shelf. Some trucks are capable of handling two pallets rather than one.

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Agvs Pallet Trucks, Pallet Truck, AGVS, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters