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Driverless Train
Driverless Train
The handling of materials must be performed safely, efficiently (at low cost), in a timely manner, accurately and without damage to the materials, for these purposes a very special material handling vehicle has been introduced named as driverless train. This type consists of a towing vehicle (which is the agv system) that pulls one or more trailers to form a train. Driverless train was the first type of agvs (an automated or automatic guided vehicle system) to be introduced and is still popular. This material handling system is useful in applications where heavy payloads must be moved large distances in warehouses or factories with immediate pickup and drop-off points along the route. These automated material handling vehicles are used in a growing number and variety of applications. These applications involve the movement of large quantities of materials over relatively large distances. For example, the moves are within a large warehouse or factory building, or between buildings between a large storage depot. For the movement of driverless trains consisting of 5 to 10 trailers, this becomes an efficient bulk material handling method.

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Driverless Train, Automated Material Handling, AGVS, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters