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Food Processing Plants
Food Processing Plants
Food processing machinery sector is an area of potential growth. They are ideal machines and equipment, and are used abundantly in wide areas of industries. Food processing machinery comprises equipment for processing of food items like grains and associated items, fruits and vegetable products, meat and poultry, fish processing and aqua-culture, fermentation industry, consumer industry including soft drink/water confectionery etc, milk and milk products, edible oil and oil seeds etc. food processing machines for packaging, pollution control equipment for water and air etc. The packaging machinery constitutes a considerable importance in food processing. The range of packaging industry machinery manufactured covers packaging for food items, confectionery, toiletries etc. The pollution control equipment covers the water treatment plants, wastewater plants and effluent plants for various food process industries. the water treatment plants use chemicals, chlorinating plants, sewage sludge effluent treatment plants using filters, floculators, clarifiers, waste water treatment plants using bio-techniques desalination plants, reverse osmosis plants, ozonation, aerobic and anaerobic treatment plants. Air pollution control equipment like gravity separator, cyclones and multi-cyclones, wet collectors and scrubbers, fabric filters and electrostatic precipitators etc. The processing plants range to coconut milk processing, coffee creamer, egg powder, fruit juice powder, biscuit making, herbal extraction, honey processing and water plants etc. These plants require host of machinery for wide applications. Biscuit and chapati plants require range of machinery like grinders, mixers, laminators, oven, auto conveyors, oil spray machines, die rollers etc.

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Food Processing Plants, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters