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Concrete Masonry Cleaners
Concrete Masonry Cleaners

Masonry is termed as units of building of structures from individual units which are laid in and are bound by together. The common masonry construction items are bricks, stones like marbles, granite, limestone, concrete block and tile. Masonry is highly durable and is long lasting. The cleaning of these concrete blocks, bricks are very much difficult as well as it poses as a tough challenge. Thus to clean it in the relevant or appropriate manner concrete masonry cleaners are very much suited for cleaning these items.

The features of this solution are it easily removes mold and degreases or removes oil stains which leaves its mark on the blocks or the brick as soon as it settles on them. It loosens surface debris for easy cleaning and also enhances the natural light and restores natural color. The solution is named as muriatic acid which is very harmful and is also considered as poisonous used for cleaning concrete masonry cleaners which includes heavy duty masonry cleaning. For cleaning of items masonry mechanical cleaning methods like sandblasting, abrasive wheels etc are very effectively used or utilized.

For removing or cleaning of efflorescence muriatic acid is very effective as this efflorescence are white and form crystalline deposits which can appear on masonry or concrete. The novion universal concrete cleaner is used for commercial purposes and also makes use of state of the art butyl to make concrete cleaning easy as these are non inflammable, non corrosive, non carcinogenic and also it is non hazardous. The types of concrete cleaners are concrete cleaner, paint strippers which are used for removing the deposits and the contaminants from concrete, blocks, masonry and stones etc. It also removes water based paints like latex and acrylics. It does not work well on the walls. These are specifically formulated to prepare the surface for coating and also for better penetration and adhesion of paints, stains and sealers.

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Concrete Masonry Cleaners, Masonry Cleaners, Concrete Cleaners, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters