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Agro Chemicals And Pesticides
Agro Chemicals And Pesticides

The chemicals have wide impact in agriculture industry. The use of chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides in agriculture result in betters crops, increased yield and lower input costs. Pesticides encompass different chemical categories. They include herbicides to kill weeds, insecticides to kill insects, fungicides to control molds and fungi, and rodenticides to kill rodents. All pesticides have poisons and are designed to kill things and they have the potential to be harmful to humans if ingested in sufficient amounts. Pesticides like monochrotophos, chlorpyri phos, fenvalrate, cypermethrin, are water solvents used to protect crops from caterpillars, beetles, bugs, flies and orthopterous flying and draughty insects.

They are useful to apply for crops like cotton, rice, maize, vegetables, sugar cane, soybean, groundnut, mango, citrus, cereals, grapes, sunflower, cabbage, and potato. Insecticides include granule products like phorate; carbofuran, chlorpyriphos, and butachlor etc have ideal use in crops like cotton, rice, maize, sugar cane, soybean, groundnut, potato etc. Dust powders are used to control chewing and sucking type pests and mites. They are like methyl parathion, quinalphos, and fenvalrate for use in crops like sorghum, paddy, pulses, gram, red gram, soybean, french bean, cotton, ground nut, sunflower, vegetables and chilies etc.

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Agro Chemicals And Pesticides, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters