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Proteins,peptides And Enzymes
Proteins,peptides And Enzymes

Peptides are the compounds formed when amino acids are linked together through the peptide linkage. Two amino acids so linked form a dipeptide, three a tripeptide, etc.

Peptide chains longer than a few dozen amino acids are called proteins. Biosynthesis of peptides from a succession of amino acids carried by transfer rna molecules takes place on ribosomes and is catalyzed and controlled by enzymes. Many hormones, antibiotics, and other compounds that participate in life processes are peptides. Peptides are classified according to how they are produced such as ribosomal peptides, nonribosomal peptides, digested peptides, peptones etc.

Proteins are one of the basic nutrients, along with carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, and minerals. Proteins are fundamental components of all living cells and include many substances, such as enzymes, hormones, and antibodies that are necessary for the proper functioning of an organism. Protein diet is the essential part of our food. Proteins are essential in the diet of animals for the growth and repair of tissue and can be obtained from foods such as meat, fish, eggs, milk, and legumes.

In the field of medicine, protein based vaccines and antibiotic is effective to fight disease. For the industry of food and beverage protein supplement and digestive enzymes supplement gives the product much boost for sale among the consumers.

The sequence of the amino acids in a protein determines its overall structure and function: many proteins are enzymes; others are structural; many hormones are polypeptides. Various types of poison are also produced using proteins and it is highly used in the field of research and development. These protein peptides chemicals that are available can be applied without having bad effects.

The application of protein is cost-effective and safe. The industry of textile also uses the protein in the woolen clothes. These chemicals are densely applied in the industries that deal in the diary products. Industries are competing with each other to serve the consumer group, as these chemicals are the essential need. Besides industries provide qualitative as well as competitive products in using these protein, bioactive peptides and digestive enzymes.

Enzyme is a protein that catalyses a metabolic reaction, so increasing its rate. Enzymes are specific for both the compounds acted on and the reactions carried out. Because of this, enzymes extracted from plants, animals, or microorganisms, or those produced by genetic manipulation are widely used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

Enzymes in the human body fulfill one of three basic functions. The largest of all enzyme types, sometimes called metabolic enzymes, assist in a wide range of basic bodily processes, from breathing to thinking. Some such enzymes are devoted to maintaining the immune system, which protects us against disease. Digestive enzymes are prestnt in the alimentary tract with a purpose of breaking down components of food so that they can be taken up by the organism.

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Proteins,peptides, Enzymes, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters