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Textile Dyeing, Fabric Dyeing
Textile Dyeing, Fabric Dyeing

Textile industry uses varied type of dyeing for coloring the manufacturing products. Textile dye includes dispersed dyes; basic dye, acid dye, vat dye, direct dye and many are effective in dyeing variety of fibers. Dispersed dyes that come under textile dye are applied and also effective in dyeing cellulose acetate, nylon, triacetate and polyesters. Basic dye is a stain that is cationic and is used in wool, silk, cotton and acrylic fibers. Substantive dye is used in dyeing wool, silk and nylon. Vat dye that is in leuco form can dye textile fibers by using natural dye chemicals. Indigo dye is a dyestuff with a distinct blue color in also used in the textile industries for the production of blue jeans. Reactive dye that is natural fabric dye is specially designed for the textile industries that forms a bond with the fiber and is the most permanent dye in the present market for the woolen clothes. Fabric dye is used worldwide for its striking qualities.

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Textile Dyeing, Fabric Dyeing, Natural Fabric Dye, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters