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Life without color is life with beauty. Bleaching additives and color additives are widely applied in various fields that include textile, plastic and food processing industries. These colorants that include phosphorescent pigments, photoluminescent pigments and thermochromatic pigments are used in the manufacturing these additives. Annato extract and canthaxanthin and iron oxide are some of the color additives used in the food industries for additive color mixing. Various food-processing units add food color additives in the preparation of confectionary items, snack foods, bakery products, alcoholic beverages, pharma products and many more. Colour additive for concrete is also available in the market. Excessive application is done due to the excellent performance of these additives. Color additive and bleaching agent are safe for use and reliable, consumer-friendly and cost-effective for its users. In addition to this, these color additives maintain the quality of the products and make it more appealing. Industries are established to supply the customer friendly and qualitative products.

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Bleaching, Color Additives, Bleaching Agent, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters