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Arsenic Acid
Arsenic Acid

Arsenic acid is one of the inorganic acids of the nitrogen family that comes in three different allotropic forms including yellow, black and gray. This inorganic acid contributes hardness and is used in the preparation of alloys for hard and corrosion-resistant properties. Arsenic acid is added to germanium to form gallium arsenide used in the production of semiconductor devices like integrated circuits. For the effective treatment of wood the selective application of this acid is done. This inorganic chemical is also used also as a finishing agent for the glass and metals. Different manufacturing companies that include dyestuff, organic arsenic compounds and for the preparation of soil sterilants, this arsenic acid is helpful. Stability in all the situations is the striking characteristic of this acid, which makes this arsenic acid the uncompromising choice of various industries. Reliability, versatility and cost-effectiveness are the reason for its increasing demand in the market.

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Arsenic Acid, Inorganic Acid, Inorganic Chemical, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters