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Chlorosulfonic Acid
Chlorosulfonic Acid

Acid may be dangerous but without the help of acids some of our industries cannot work. Chlorosulfonic acid is an inorganic compound that is also called chlorosulphonic acid, sulphuric chlorohydrine, monochlorosulfuric acid and others. This inorganic acid appears colorless to light yellow having very low melting point and moderate boiling point. Generally this inorganic material is stable but react with most metals to yield flammable hydrogen gas. Due to its acidic value, chlorosulfonic acid is effective in the production of the detergents and pharmaceutical drugs. For the production of sulfas and saccharine this chlorosulfonic acid is very useful, as this is a versatile reagent. In the industry of dye making and dye intermediates where chemical reaction is the major thing for the production this versatile chlorosulfonic acid is very effective. This chlorosulfonic acid is poisonous and for that reason, it is widely applied in the production of the pesticides. Different industries apply this acid carefully for variety of industrial applications.

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Chlorosulfonic Acid, Inoganic Material, Inorganic Acid , Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters