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Hydrocyanic Acid
Hydrocyanic Acid

Cyanide salts like calcium cyanide with reaction to strong acids like suphuric acids results in hydrocynaic acid. Hydrocyanic acid (hcn) is an aqueous solution of hydrogen cyanides that is a poisonous weak acid; it is a weak solution and is used in fumigating and in the synthesis of organic compounds. It's soluble in water, ethanol and slightly in ether. Hydrogen cyanide is a colorless gas with a faint, bitter, odor of bitter almonds. It is a highly dangerous disaster hazard; the gas forms explosive mixtures with air and will react with water, steam, acid, or acid fumes to produce highly poisonous fumes of cyanides. 300mg/m3 of hydrogen cyanide in air kills a human in 10 minutes while 3200 mg/m3 of hydrogen cyanide will kill a human in just a minute. It is also used as war gas; hitler used the same gas in gas chambers to kill jews. Hydrocyanic acid is also used to kill whales with whaling harpoons. Hydrocyanic acid is both inflammable and explosive. Hydrogen cyanide is used in producing adiponitrile for nylon, methyl methacrylate, sodium cyanide, cyanuric chloride, chelating agents, and miscellaneous other uses, including in the manufacture of insecticides and rodenticides for fumigating enclosed spaces, ferrocyanides, acrylates, lactic acid, pharmaceuticals, and specialty chemicals. The prime use of hydrocyanic acid is while manufacturing acrylates nylon, plastics and cyanide salts. Hydrocyanic acid is also used as a stimulant for the animals in the danger of death during anesthesia. In disease like urticaria or lichen hydrocyanic acid helps relieving from irritation.

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Hydrocyanic Acid, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters