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Hydroiodic Acid
Hydroiodic Acid

Hydroiodic acid (hi) is an acid formed by aqueous solution of hydrogen iodide. It is highly corrosive and should be handled only with appropriate precautions. Hydroiodic acid is a commonly used chemical reagent and is one of the strong acids that ionize completely in aqueous solution. Small quantity of hyroiodic acid is likely to be released from chemical processes, domestic coal burning and clinical waste incineration and from disinfectants. Normally commercially used hydroiodic acid is a concentrated solution with 47% - 57% hi mass. Hydroiodic acid is used in germicides, medicines, iodide synthesis material, and preparation of inorganic iodides, disinfectant and sanitizer formulations. Hydroiodic acid reacts with metals to generate hydrogen and form metal iodides. Hydroiodic acid also works as a reducing agent because it dissociates at higher temperatures to iodine and hydrogen, which does the reducing. Hydroiodic acid is used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry etc. Hydroiodic acid is also used as iodine synthesis material, germicide, medicine and disinfectant and sanitizer formulations. Many different grades of hydroiodic acid are available from chemical manufacturers. Hydroiodic acid is toxic, if has direct contact with eyes or skin causes irritation if in higher concentration causes pulmonary oedema or even death.

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Hydroiodic Acid, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters