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Nitrosylsulfuric Acid
Nitrosylsulfuric Acid

Nitrosylsulfuric acid is commonly known as nsa, an inorganic acid that has many synonyms including nytrosyl sulfate, sulfuric acid, nitroacid sulfate and others. This nitrosylsulfuric acid is stable under ordinary condition and reacts with water that possesses yellow color. By combining sulfur dioxide and nitric acid in a proprietary process highest purity nitrosylsulfuric acid is manufactured. Although nitrosylsulfuric acid is consumed in a wide range of chemical process, this chemical material is commonly used by the textile and dye industry to accentuate vibrancy and sharpness of colors. Pharmaceutical industry also applies nitrosylsulfuric acid for the production of the drugs. This chemical industrial material is used in diazotising for amines, nitrosation, oxidation, and oximation reactions and for the preparation of crystalline diazonium sulfates. Various industries apply this material for various industrial applications because of its chemical properties that works well. This acid is preferred in industrial applications as this acid is reliable, cost-effective and work excellently.

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Nitrosylsulfuric Acid, Inorganic Acid, Chemical Material , Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters