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Nitrous Acid
Nitrous Acid

Nitrous acid, the weak monobasic inorganic acid that is always in solution and in the form of nitrite salts. Nitrous acid reacts with aliphatic amines acid in a fashion provides a useful test for distinguishing primary, secondary and tertiary amines. This chemical has another striking quality that makes it react with metals and with bases to form nitrites. This nitrous acid is soluble in water, which is used to make diazides from amines. This nitrous acid is always unstable and always prepared in situ and is useful in chemistry in converting amines into diazonium compounds that are used in the production of azo dyes. In the laboratories this chemical material is highly used in doing very types of tests and for conducting various experiments. Research and development institutes use this acid effectively for the development studies and testing of different reactions. As nitrous acid is available and industrially beneficial, this is applied in different industries.

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Nitrous Acid, Inorganic Acid, Chemical Material , Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters