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Sulfurous Acid
Sulfurous Acid

Sulfurous acid is the aqueous solution of sulfur dioxide that belongs to the family of inorganic acid, which has many applications and is produced in great amounts than any other chemical besides water. Solution of sulfur dioxide is used as a reducing agent and as a disinfectant and is soluble in water in all concentrations. Sulfur dioxide is produced in the upper atmosphere of venous by the sun's petrochemical action on carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and water vapor. This sulfurous acid is an important commodity chemical and used in wet conditions for the production of phosphoric acid. In the production of the phosphate fertilizers and trisodium phosphate for detergents this acid is extremely effective. Another important application of this chemical material is for the manufacturing of aluminium sulfate popularly known as papermaker's alum. In chemical industry the contribution of this acid is very important as sulfurous acid is used as an acid catalyst for manufacturing nylon. Besides this sulfurous acid is useful verity of fields that includes ore processing, chemical synthesis, water processing and oil refining.

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Sulfurous Acid, Inorganic Acid, Chemical Material, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters