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Ammonium Salt
Ammonium Salt

Ammonium salt is an inorganic salt that is also known as ammonium nitrite, used in the various industrial purposes. This ammonium salt is colorless crystalline substance and is highly soluble in water, liquid ammonia and in alcohol. This salt chemical compound has the capability of explosion and may cause violent combustion or explosion. Due to its strong oxidizing capability, ammonium salt is commercially prepared by the reaction of nitric acid and ammonia. The explosive quality of the inorganic chemical is applied in the production of explosives. All commercial grades contain 34% of nitrogen that can be easily utilized by the plants and this ammonium salt makes it helpful in preparing fertilizers. This ammonium salt is also employed to modify the detonation rate of other explosives such as nitroglycerin or as an oxidizing agent in the ammonals. In addition to all this applications, it can be effective in the treatment of titanium ores and in solid-fuel rocket propellants and in the pyrotechnics.

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Ammonium Salt, Salt Chemical Compound, Inorganic Chemical , Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters