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Autocollimators are highly accurate angle measuring devices used in such areas as parallel specimen production, measurement of small angles, internal and external angular measurement of porro prisms and testing for wedge difference. They are versatile measuring instruments and are invaluable tools in today's precision materials technology laboratory. They are offered in two wide varieties such as visual autocollimator and electronic autocollimators. Visual autocollimators measure the angle of optically flat, reflective surfaces in arc seconds by viewing a graduated reticle through an eyepiece. The longer the focal length of the autocollimator, the greater the angular resolution and the smaller the field of view. Electronic autocollimators offered for precision angle measurement both in the laboratory and on the shop floor. These autocollimators are offered in various focal lengths and has different resolutions and ranges for different measuring applications. Autocollimators are offered in a spectrum of configurations such as different power supply, light sources, aperture, setting accuracy, and optical ref. Disk parallelism.

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Autocollimators Products, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters