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Iron Oxide
Iron Oxide

Chemical compounds which are composed of iron and oxygen are called as iron ore which are altogether sixteen iron oxides and oxyhydroxides. The use of these oxides and oxyhydroxides are thus used for pigments in ceramic glaze and also are further used in thermite. Rust is the common form of iron oxide and the articles or metals have to be protected getting rust. The color of this iron oxide is yellow, red or orange which thus describes them and people can make out easily. This iron ore compound is also commonly known as hematite and the three elements which are iron; cobalt and nickel are known for their properties like those of being magnetic. Iron is known for its magnetic nature thus is the reason of being utilized in the production of magnets, electronic parts and also common one's atm cards.

Iron ore is extensively used in the cosmetic industry to create various pigments such as burnt sienna and burnt umber and also this method of creating pigments has been extensively used sine pre historic stage. As iron ore is non toxic and water repellant it has no chances of getting burnt or cannot bleed as it is an ideal addictive which is used in the production of mascara, foundation, eye shadow as being most important for cosmetic industry. Also these pigments are used to dye things like paint, concrete, leather, shoe polish, tiles etc. As these are also available in colors like dark brown to coffee brown.

Iron oxide which is orange color is known to be inorganic and also which is used a colorant in concrete industry which is termed to be very efficient. Another one includes synthetic red and yellow iron oxide which has excellent light fastness and also has the feature of resistance to alkali. It is also non toxic and non inflammable which also produce attractive shades of colors. The other type includes synthetic black iron oxide very commonly used in paints and shoe polish and also for some other applications as well.

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Iron Oxide, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters