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Sodium Hydroxide
Sodium Hydroxide

Sodium hydroxide which is also known as lye or caustic soda has various industrial applications. Sodium hydroxide is known to be a strong chemical base which is used in the manufacturing process of paper and pulp, textiles, drinking water, soaps and detergents and also highly as drain cleaner. Sodium hydroxide is available in white solid pellets, flakes, granules and serves as saturated solution as it is hygroscopic and readily absorbs water from the air that is why it has to be stored in the air tight container. Sodium hydroxide is very much soluble in water and liberation of heat and also dissolves in ethanol and methanol. Sodium hydroxide is widely used in the chemical industry as maximum of sodium hydroxide is produced in these chemical industries.

Sodium hydroxide is widely used in the making of paper along with sodium sulphide which acts as a key component of white liquor solution and also plays a vital role in cleaning agent where it is known as caustic which is added to the water thus for the cleaning purpose and can also dissolve grease, oils, fats and proteins. Sodium hydroxide for food preparation includes washing and peeling of fruits and vegetables. It also includes chocolates and coca processing, caramel coloring production etc. As sodium hydroxide is very much dangerous it has been advised to wear a protective material when handling of this compound as it can cause an allergy to the skin if it comes in contact with the skin.

Sodium hydroxide in bulk is most often handled as an aqueous solution as it very much cheaper and easier to handle and is traditionally used in soap making and also to produce alumina which contains ore bauxite thus to produce aluminum mineral out of the element. Sodium hydroxide is considered to be one of the most dangerous chemicals as it is one of the strongest alkaline which is non volatile in aqueous solution. Sodium hydroxide is found in many of the manufacturing plants and in chemistry it is known as one of the most dangerous substance which has to be handled with extreme caution.

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Sodium Hydroxide, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters