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Titanium Dioxide
Titanium Dioxide

A naturally occurring oxide of titanium which is used as pigment and which also has wide range of applications like paint, sunscreen and food coloring is known as titanium dioxide. The other name for titanium dioxide is titania or titanium white when it is used for pigments. The applications for this element titanium dioxide are used as pigments because of its brightness which is surpassed only by few other minerals and also is used for whitening skimmed milk. Titanium dioxide is very commonly used for marking white lines on tennis courts which are then used for other applications.

Titanium dioxide is also used in sunscreens which is thick in consistency and is largely used in cosmetics and skin care products. Titanium dioxide is also used in tattoo pigment and very much in stylish pencils. In sunscreens it is commonly found as because of its high refractive index as its strong uv light absorbing capabilities and discoloration under this ultraviolet light and the advantage itself here enhances the stability and ability to protect the skin form ultraviolet light which is very much harmful to skin. Other applications are that this titanium dioxide is used for cleaving protein which contains amino acid proline and also is used as material in the memristor which is known as a new electronic circuit element.

As titanium dioxide reflects light it is ideal for the use of a protective coating for many products which includes automobile parts, optical mirrors etc. Titanium dioxide is very much used in paints because of its refractive ability the components of the paints are used for coating cars, boats and airplanes but also found in number of construction and building materials as plastic industry also makes use of titanium dioxide which is coating used for absorbing uv light and thus render its increased durability. Titanium dioxide is used in various laboratories and also serves an important function in industries like paints, pharmaceutical, ceramics, plastics and rubber. Titanium dioxide is produced from limonite which is a mineral found in rich abundance in beach sands and hard rock and also is very much utilized as a pigment for coloring pvc pipes and other plastics.

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Titanium Dioxide, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters