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Calcium Hydroxide
Calcium Hydroxide

Slaked lime or hydrated lime is originally known as calcium hydroxide is an inorganic compound which is colorless and is white crystalline powder obtained when calcium oxide is which is known as quick lime or lime is mixed or slake with the water. This chemical is known with many names which are called as hydrated lime, slack lime or pickling lime. It is non toxic so it finds its application in industries. This calcium hydroxide is highly used in water and sewage treatment. It is regarded as an important ingredient in whitewash, mortar and plaster which is very much required. This chemical calcium hydroxide is used for pesticides as well. Calcium hydroxide is used in the food industry as well like separating sugar from the sugarcane in the sugar industry, processing of water for alcohol, beverages and soft drinks, home food preservatives like making of pickles.

Calcium hydroxide can be stored in air tight bottles and sealed bottles. As and when it is exposed to air it would change to calcium carbonate by losing its therapeutic properties. This chemical calcium hydroxide is not at all associated with calcium supplement manufacturing because of its presence of acidic properties. It is known for taking form of either white powder or colorless crystal is produced when another chemical compound known as calcium oxide is quenched with water.

Calcium hydroxide is used as filler for applications like solid oil manufacturing, brake pad manufacturing, and ebonite production and when it is in the form it is used for the treatment of the sewage and also for the improvement of acid soils. Calcium hydroxide acts as an alkaline which is used as non lye substitute in lye free hair relaxes and also used as reagent. Dry mix preparation is used for decorating and painting and also in the pesticide mix manufacturing industry this chemical calcium hydroxide is used effectively and efficiently. Hydrated lime is very much known by the process of dry powder made from limestone.

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Calcium Hydroxide, Hydrated Lime, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters