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Argon is the chemical element in the periodic table that is called as the noble gas. Although no chemical compounds of argon is presently confirmed, it can form clathrates with water when atoms of it are tapped in a lattice of the water molecules. This inorganic chemical is more soluble in the water than nitrogen and is colorless and odorless in gaseous as well as in liquid form. Argon gas - a chemical product has some typical applications that include incandescent lighting in which; it is used, as it will not react with the filament in a light bulb even under high temperatures. These chemicals are very effective as an inert gas shield in many forms of welding, including metal inert gas welding and tungsten inert gas welding. As a non-reactive blanket it is ideal for manufacturing of titanium and other reactive elements. Liquid argon is used in calorimetry in experimental particle physics and in cryosurgery procedures such as cryoblation to destroy cancer cells.

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Argon, Chemical Product, Chemicals, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters