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Coagulant, the inorganic chemical, is widely used as a cleaning agent in variety of fields. This inorganic chemical comes in different compositions, degree of polymerization and viscosity that has versatile characteristics and functions such as producing sludge of slow moisture content, require low dosage level and are capable of coping with fluctuation in wastewater quality. To promote the removal of the suspended solids require this chemical compound. Adding coagulant to the wastewater creates a chemical reaction that aggregates the particles into larger flocs permitting their separation from the solution. Some iron and aluminium based coagulants are effective in the treatment of the industrial wastewater. Polymer coagulant is also available in the market for the application in decoloring clarified liquor during both the refining and processing of the sugar juice. In addition to the industrial application, this inorganic material is also ideal for solid separation of the in treating sewages, urine and feces. A cationic, ionic, and anionic coagulant is selected depending upon the nature of the wastewater and sludge at hand.

Coverex-fn, a specially graded granular product used for reconditioning and coagulating of slag in molten iron and steel. It is used for ductile iron, steel, high duty grey iron when temperature is around 1400c and more. Other type of coverex-fn is a ... Click here for more info
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Coagulant, Chemical Compound, Inorganic Chemical, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters