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Fluoroboric Acid
Fluoroboric Acid

Fluoroboric acid is a clear aqueous solution that are stable under normal conditions. For commercial purposes this acid comes in different packages such as drums and is not considered as a fire hazard. In galvanotechnology, this inorganic chemical is effectively applied as an essential component of galvanic baths. For electroplating aluminium and its alloys and for manufacturing of inorganic fluorides, this inorganic acid is ideal. The properties of this acid is such that makes it able to react with almost all the elements and compounds. Therefore, this chemical is widely applied as a building block for other organic and inorganic fluorides. Non-corrodible and acid resistant chromium and chromium-nickel steel is cleaned predominantly in pickling baths containing hydrofluoric acid. Apart from these applications, this inorganic material is used in plating circuits, metal finishing, electropolishing of aluminiums. Inorganic fluoroborate salts are used as components of fluxin and plating. As a catalyst, this inorganic chemical is even helpful in flame-retardant manufacturing and in the treatment of metals.

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Fluoroboric Acid, Inorganic Chemical, Chemical Compound, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters