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Indium is a chemical element whose current primary function is to form transparent electrodes from indium tin oxide in liquid crystals displays. This rare, soft, malleable and easily fusible indium metal is chemically similar to aluminium and gallium but looks more like zinc. Most unusual characteristics of indium are that its most common isotope is slightly radioactive which is not considered as hazardous. First and foremost application of indium was as a coating bearing in high-performance aircraft engines during the world war. This chemical compound is effectively applied in the manufacturing of low-melting temperature alloys. Some indium compounds such as indium antimonide, indium phosphide and indium nitride are semiconductors with useful properties. This inorganic chemical can also be plated onto metals as indium plating and evaporated onto glass which forms a mirror that is as good as those made with silver. In addition to these usages, this material oxide is helpful in making of electroluminescent and as a component of nuclear rods.

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Indium, Chemical Compound, Inorganic Chemical, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters