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Iron Chloride
Iron Chloride

Iron chloride is generically known as ferric chloride that is a moderately strong lewis acid. It is a mild oxidizing agent capable of oxidizing copper chloride to copper chloride. The solution of iron iii chloride is produced on industrial scale from iron and iron ore in a closed-loop process. This chloride is most widely used for etching copper in the production of printed circuit boards. As a catalyst, this inorganic chemical and chemical compound is effective for the reaction of ethylene with chlorine that forms ethylene dichloride, an important commodity chemical mainly used for the industrial production of vinyl chloride, the monomer for making of pvc. In the industrial application, this ferric chloride is an alternative to iron sulfate in water treatment to remove suspended materials. In the laboratories iron chloride is commonly employed as a lewis acid for catalyzing reactions such as chlorination of aromatic compounds. Knife craftsman and swordsmith also use iron chloride to stain blades and to give a contrasting effect to the metal.

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Iron Chloride, Chemical Compound, Inorganic Chemical, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters