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Liquid Oxygen
Liquid Oxygen

One of the physical forms of elemental oxygen which is used in the aerospace, submarine, and gas industries is known as liquid oxygen. Liquid oxygen is known to be in pale yellow color and is strongly paramagnetic which can be suspended between the poles of a powerful horseshoe magnet. As it is cryogenic in nature it causes materials to be brittle whenever it comes in contact with them. Liquid oxygen is highly used in some commercial and military aircrafts as a source of breathing oxygen.

Liquid oxygen is classified as industrial gas which is widely used for industrial and medical purpose as it is obtained from oxygen which is found naturally in air by using the method of frictional distillation and also is used in space rockets which has a mixture of liquid oxygen. Liquid oxygen is a common liquid oxidizer which is very much propellant for space craft rocket application usually which has a combination of liquid hydrogen and kerosene. Liquid oxygen is also used in making oxyliquit explosives which are rarely used now because of its high rates accidents. Liquid oxygen is used for making supplements that are designed to help individual's thus by providing the supply of oxygen and also this liquid oxygen is very much volatile and has variety of industrial applications. Also it is considered to be important in medical application like as liquid oxygen is very much vital to human body for respiration.

Also oxygen therapies are used for the increase of oxygen which is very much essential for lungs as it is stored in the metal tank and then it is supplied to the patients. Liquid oxygen has been used as the vitamin supplement which are also very much need for the human body. Liquid oxygen is extremely cold and thus is stored under pressure which is stored especially in metal containers and it is non toxic but low temperature can only serve burns and is highly flammable.

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Liquid Oxygen, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters