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Chlorinated Paraffin
Chlorinated Paraffin

A complex mixture of polychlorinated n alkanes which is known as chlorinated paraffin which are termed as (cps).These chlorinated paraffin are subdivided according to their carbon chain length which is then divided into short chain, medium chain and long chain. Hundreds of formulations are in use today of this chlorinated paraffin with a wide range of industrial applications which are flame retardants, plasticizers' and as addictives which are in metal working fluids used in paints, sealants, paints and coatings. The type of chlorinated paraffin is also known as wax which is known for employing modern chlorination techniques and also makes use of the straight chain liquid paraffin feed stock. Thus this material is now very commonly known as chlorinated paraffin wax. The use of this material chlorinated paraffin is very much recommended for pvc applications where these grades can be used as sole plasticizers in various products like flooring compounds.

Chlorinated paraffin is very common in industries which are into the manufacturing of paint sealants and adhesives'. It is also used as an addictives in industrial lubricants like that of gear oil because of which the wax is highly in demand and thus has become very popular. Chlorinated paraffin in this material the chemicals are formulated with that of the chlorination of paraffin fractions from various distillations. The process which takes place includes the reaction of hydrocarbons with that of chlorine which results in the formation of the chlorinated paraffin which varies from petroleum distillations. Thus chlorinated paraffin is found in a group of complex chemical substance which is then manufactured in batch process.

In simple language chlorinated paraffin are manufactured by the chlorination of n paraffin or with paraffin wax as the reaction which takes place is exothermic and leads to the generation of the byproduct known as hydrochloric acid. Uses of this chlorinated paraffin are chlorinated paraffin is a plasticizer which is largely and widely used in pvc.

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Chlorinated Paraffin, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters