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Potassium Chloride
Potassium Chloride

A metal halide salt which is composed of potassium and chlorine which is in its pure state is known as potassium chloride which is known as odorless and also has a white or colorless vitreous crystal appearance with the crystal structure which cleaves easily in three directions. Potassium chloride is very commonly known as muriate of potash when it used as a fertilizer. Potassium chloride is very much extracted from salt water and hence can be further manufactured by crystallization from solution, flotation etc and is also considered as a byproduct of making nitric acid from potassium nitrate and hydrochloric acid.

The major use of this element is potassium chloride is made for making fertilizer as the growths of many plants are limited by their potassium intake. Potassium chloride is also used as a third of three drug combination in a lethal injection and also is sometimes used in water as a completion fluid in petroleum and natural gas operations. Potassium is very much vital in our body and oral potassium chloride is the common means to replenish it as it can be diluted and can be given intravenously. Also potassium chloride is used as a salt substitute for food, but as it has a weak, bitter, unsalted flavor as it is usually mixed with regular salt for the purpose to improve the taste.

Potassium chloride has many uses which are fertilizers as potassium chloride is very commonly used in these fertilizers as it is sometimes also known as muriate of potash and has many applications as it is needed by plants for their normal growth but however the intake of the potassium from the soil is very limited. Also is used for lethal injections as potassium chloride constitutes one third of the content and also potassium chloride can directly act on heart and can lead to sudden cardiac arrest. Potassium chloride is very much soluble in water, ethers, alcohols and glycerol. The types of potassium chloride are food grade potassium chloride, organic potassium chloride etc which also play an essential role in these uses.

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Potassium Chloride, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters