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Potassium Sulphate
Potassium Sulphate

A non flammable white crystalline salt which is soluble in water and also is used in fertilizers which provide potassium and sulfur is known as potassium sulphate. The mineral form of this element potassium sulphate is arcanite which is relatively rare as natural resources of potassium sulphate are minerals which are abundant in the stassfurt salt. Potassium sulphate is widely used in fertilizers as the crude salt is also used occasionally in manufacturing of glass and also is used as a flash reducer in artillery propellant charges. Potassium sulphate also reduces muzzle flash, flareback and blast overpressure.

Potassium sulphate is very much hazardous if it is swallowed but otherwise is considered to be a fairly harmless material and also for safe handling of this element potassium sulphate it should be made sure that safety glasses are worn by the local rules. In case of emergency it should be very properly taken care off as and when it comes with an eye contact it should be immediately washed with the water. The other remedies are that it should be washed off with water when it is in contact with skin and has to treated immediately if it is swallowed.

The effective use of this element potassium sulphate is very much utilized in agricultural field as a fertilizer which is used for covering deficiencies of potassium and sulfur. Potassium sulphate is known as free flowing element which is soluble in water. Potassium sulphate is obtained naturally from lake brines from which it is further separated using the process of frictional crystallization and is also called as sulphate of potash. In technical aspects this potassium sulphate is used in fertilizers for the manufacturing of potassium alum and potassium carbonate, glass etc. Potassium sulphate is highly and widely used in agricultural industries as the only source of agriculture is fertilizer and also is used in chemical industries.

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Potassium Sulphate, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters