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A chemical element which occurs in its elemental state in nature is known as selenium. Isolated selenium occurs in different forms as the most stable element and also is found in economic quantities in sulfide ores such as pyrite and minerals which are selenate compounds are also known but are very rare. Selenium salts are toxic in large amounts but the traces of these elements are very much necessary for cellular functions. Certain species of plants are considered to be high selenium indicators of soil since they require high levels of selenium to thrive on. Selenium deficiency is rare in healthy and well nourished individuals. It can occur in patients with severely compromised intestrinal functions.

Selenium helps maintain tissue elasticity and prevents hardening of the arteries and can also help against the toxicity from mercury, cadmium and silver. Selenium can also help formation of natural killer cells that can reduce the risk of the cancer. Selenium is an essential material found in many foods especially in brazil nut and also proves to be very healthy as some people consume selenium to make their health better. So the amount of selenium content in food varies than that of in soil or in local ecosystem. Selenium supplements are much effective as they are very much preventive on treating of selenium deficiency as low selenium consumption can cause heart problems and mental retardation.

Today chemists have identified selenium as chemical element which helps the body to make efficient use of oxygen which is very much vital. Of about 55 micrograms of selenium intake thus would not cause any sort of problems. Selenium is seen as an element for medical purpose only as it so effective that it cures many of the problems which are osteoarthritis and under active thyroid. Also in cases like hay fever, infertility, cataracts, abnormal pap seamers etc. Selenium metal powder is used in glasses and also enables, glazes coloring agent which is also used in chemical industry.

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Selenium, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters