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Amorphous Silica
Amorphous Silica

Amorphous silica in chemistry the symbol used for this element is drafted as sio2 which thus talks about this element and its properties. Amorphous silica is an organic material which is commonly used in semiconductor circuits to isolate to different conducting regions and because of its mechanical resistance and high dielectric strength amorphous silica has become very much important in microelectronics and chromatography and also it is known for its unique properties. Silica is considered as essential material for broad range of applications such as chips, optical fibers and telescope glasses. Also silica is extensively used in resin and in optical beads to study bio macro molecules.

In simple language amorphous silica is termed as naturally occurring or synthetically produced oxide of silicon which is characterized by the absence of pronounced crystalline structure which has no sharp peaks in its x ray diffraction pattern. Amorphous silica contains water of hydration or anhydrous which is very much known as crystalline silica. Amorphous silica contains another important element which is known as silica gel which is highly porous from of silica which is made synthetically from an element which is known as sodium silicate. The high surface are of this silica gel allows the water to absorb it readily which make it very much useful as drying agent which is commonly known as desiccant. It is highly used in clays which include betonies as it is trackless and virtually odorless.

This silica gel is in the pure form adding importance as the presence of metallic impurities can impede the reaction and also silica gel is non toxic, non flammable and non reactive and can be used for ordinary purpose. The other fact of this material amorphous silica is that when naturally occurring amorphous silica is mainly derived in the form of crude diatomite and is also found in plants such as rice and wheat.

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Amorphous Silica, Chromatography, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters