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Silicon Nitride
Silicon Nitride

A chemical compound of silicon and nitrogen which is hard ceramic having strength over a broad temperature range, moderate thermal conductivity and low coefficient of thermal expansion properties is known as silicon nitride. Silicon nitride is highly used in automobile industry, bearing, high temperature materials and electronics. Silicon nitride is mainly used as a material which is very much effective for engine parts. These engines parts include diesel engines, glow plugs for faster start ups, precombustion chambers etc. Silicon nitride is used for rocker arm pads for lower wear and in exhaust gas control valves which are used for increased acceleration. Silicon nitride is very much used for both bearings which is ceramic and ceramic hybrid bearings as this silicon nitride have good shock resistance as compared to other ceramics.

In electronics silicon nitride is often used as an insulator and also as a chemical barrier in manufacturing integrated circuits which is to electrically isolate different structure or as an etch which is situated in bulk micromachining. Silicon nitride is known for good temperature strength with creep resistance and also the other one known as oxidation resistance. Few properties of this compound silicon nitride is it has good thermal shock resistance, low density, high fracture toughness and is usually not wetted by molten metal's.

The other aspect talks about silicon nitride and silicon nitride ceramics which are known for their outstanding high temperature, mechanical, wear and thermal properties as these silicon nitride ceramics are hard which have moderate thermal conductivity. These silicon nitride ceramics maintain high strength up to high temperature as silicon nitride powders are used in manufacturing of silicon nitride ceramics for wear components. Silicon nitride is very much used in varieties of applications where high temperatures are involved. There are two main types of silicon nitride which are reaction bonded silicon nitride and hot pressed silicon nitride.

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Silicon Nitride, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters