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Sodium Chloride
Sodium Chloride

Sodium chloride is very commonly known as common salt which is used for daily purpose for cooking. Sodium chloride or common salt is responsible for the salinity of ocean and extra cellular fluids of many multi cellular fluids of many multi cellular organisms. As the major ingredient in edible salt is very commonly used as condiment and food preservatives which is used for cooking purpose.

Salt is used for many applications from manufacturing of pulp and paper, to setting dyes in textiles and fabrics, to producing soaps, detergents and our other bath products as sodium chloride is very much cheap and safe desiccant because of its properties which make salt as an effective method of food preservatives as salts draws water out of the bacteria through osmotic pressure. Sodium chloride has many uses as widely used for preservatives for food products like cheese, dairy products, meat, pickles and sauce. Sodium chloride is also widely used in melting of ice as it holds the property of lowering the melting ice therefore it is spread on roads to reduce the temperature so as it would melt this is noticed in those countries which receive heavy rainfall. Also sodium chloride is widely used in the production of chlorine and also contains iodine which is necessary for the synthesis of hormones in thyroid gland of the human body.

Excess intake of salt could lead to hypertension or high blood pressure and would also increase the chances of stroke and heart diseases. Infants and people who suffer with kidney problems are advised not to consume salt in large quantities in their food as it cannot be properly expelled through urine. Sodium chloride is very much pure that is why it is extensively used in several industrial as well as laboratory applications and is also known for having hygroscopic properties as it makes salting an effective method of food preservation.

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Sodium Chloride, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters