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Sodium Nitrate
Sodium Nitrate

A chemical compound which is a white solid very much soluble in water and also which has mineral form known as nitratine or soda niter is known as sodium nitrate. Sodium nitrate is very much used in ingredients like fertilizers, pyrotechnics, smoke bombs, food preservatives and very much in solid rocket propellant, also in glass and pottery enamels. Sodium nitrate is extensively used as a fertilizer and also a raw material for the manufacturing of gun powder as it can also be combined with iron hydroxide to make a resin. Sodium nitrate is highly known as a substitute for potassium nitrate which is used in fireworks and also which is usually found in black powder.

Sodium nitrate combine with that of potassium nitrate is very much used for heat storage and for heat transfer in solar power plants. Sodium nitrate form nitrosamines which are causes harm to the dna of the human as it is known as human carcinogen. Nitrosamines are found in cured meats which contains sodium nitrate could lead to gastric cancer and also has a higher risk of colorectal cancer. Sodium nitrate has many applications and one being of food addictive which is commonly used as a food preservative as it comes in the form of white yellowish powder which looks like an ordinary salt. Sodium nitrate is very commonly used for preserving the red color of the meat or fish even during cooking process. Sodium nitrate prevents the bacteria which causes food poisoning which is known as botulism.

Health hazards of sodium nitrate includes consumption of sodium nitrate can lead to all types of cancers which are gastric cancers, colon cancer etc and also could trigger migraine in the brain which would cost a person's life. Sodium nitrate also slows down the rancid flavors of the food and also the odor which would not waste the food and also has other applications outside of food preparation. In medicinal purpose the dose of sodium nitrate could also prevent the reactions to some of the poisons which includes cyanide, hydrogen sulfide etc.

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Sodium Nitrate, Indian Manufacturer, Indian Supplier, Indian Exporters